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BPEC round 1

The first results are in! After a few lovely games last weekend, Roderick and I can continue growing our armies for our Border Princes Escalation Campaign. We randomly rolled which armies would fight each other, anted one of our territories and rolled a few new ones. We decided to play the two Border Patrol scenarios.Continue reading “BPEC round 1”

Battle Report: 1,000 points Bretonnia versus Vampire Counts

“Milord!” The messenger stood to attention as he was brought into the presence of Gérard le Courageux, the castellan of Pont-d’Agravonne. “I bring word about far away Mousillon. A dark shadow has been stirring. The dead grow restless. The King has issued a decree that something must be done about that cursed city.” Gérard remainedContinue reading “Battle Report: 1,000 points Bretonnia versus Vampire Counts”

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